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What is a studio florist, anyway?

Updated: Nov 2, 2019

This year was full of big changes for Kinship. We decided not to renew our retail shop. Instead, we made the decision to build out a studio above the New England Flower Exchange (where all the flowers come from). It was an exciting and most welcome change. We had long grown out of our cute shop and like many other brick and mortars the bulk of what we do now is event design or online orders. Very little business was actual walk-in. Although leaving our shop and the neighborhood that had welcomed us so warmly was bittersweet, we are so happy creating in our studio. It shows in our work. Even our designs are glowing :) And turns out, the neighborhood is still there! We see them in our online orders and at events and through referrals and are still honored they choose our designs to bring into their homes and special days. 

So what is a studio florist, anyway? Studio florists are designers that typically work out of a private space, outfitted for large scale event design. Clients are served via online, telephone or in-person via appointment. There is no display cases or walk-in retail and while we maintain a floral cooler, we no longer keep pre-made items or stock on hand. This gives us the luxury of utilizing the most fresh florals you could ask for to create unique designs for our clients.

Being a studio florist also gives us great flexibility and inspires us to create freely. It is important to us to give each client the time they deserve and making the transition to studio have allowed us to truly provide the premium services we have longed aspired to. 

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